World's largest interest free micro-loan organization

To harness human potential by facilitating access to opportunities for the underserved and marginalized.


To create a universal social bond of love between HAVEs and HAVE NOTs.


To be inclusive, compassionate, participative, transparent and respectful to all, especially to those in need.

$675M+ disbursed

as interest free, no collateral loans.

Global footprint

7 countries.

800 branches

helping local communities.

4.3M+ Loans

to alleviate poverty at grass-root level.


COVID-19 Emergency Fund

As a response to the war against coronavirus, VIGA is providing relief to the most vulnerable, particularly old persons, daily wager laborers, and street vendors. Initially, we aim to support 100,000 families through several of our programs.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Bring the change

Empower the deserving

Change Through Empowerment!
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